Directly IN THE KNOXVILLE Area (Sorted by Zip Code)

Callahan Dr Animal Hospital Knoxville, TN
North Knox Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Norwood Veterinary HospitalKnoxville, TN
Veterinary Medical CenterKnoxville, Tn
Asheville Hwy Animal Clinic Knoxville, TN
Central Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Animal Medical ClinicKnoxville, TN
Broadway Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Companion Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Crossroads Animal Clinic Knoxville, TN
Fountain City Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Halls Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Bearden Hill Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Bluegrass Animal HosptialKnoxville, TN
Forest Park Clinic for Cats and DogsKnoxville, TN
Four Winds Holistic Animal ServicesKnoxville, TN
Knoxville Animal ClinicKnoxville, TN
My Pets Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Rocky Hill Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Young-Williams Animal CenterKnoxville, TN
Dogwood Animal Hospital Knoxville, TN
Gov John Sevier Animal ClinicKnoxville, TN
Volunteer Veterinary HospitalKnoxville, TN
All Paws Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Dixon Animal Hospital Knoxville, TN

Banfield the Pet Hospital - WestKnoxville, TN
Cat ClinicKnoxville, TN
Farragut Animal Clinic Knoxville, TN
Lange Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Lentz Veterinary ClinicKnoxville, TN
Northshore Animal Hospital Knoxville, TN
Cedar Bluff Animal ClinicKnoxville, TN
Veterinary ServicesKnoxville, Tn
West Bearden Veterinary HospitalKnoxville, TN
Crossings Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
East RiverKnoxville, TN
The Pet DoctorKnoxville, TN
Washington Pk Veterinary HospitalKnoxville, TN
Blackford Surgery ReferralKnoxville, TN
Butler Animal ClinicKnoxville, TN
Middlebrook Animal ClinicKnoxville, TN
Hardin Valley Animal Hospital Knoxville, TN
Lovell Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
Pellissippi Veterinary HospitalKnoxville, TN
Beaverbrook Animal HospitalKnoxville, TN
The Visiting VetKnoxville, TN

Surrounding Areas Commonly Served


Animal Hospital of Anderson CountyClinton, TN
Clinton Animal HospitalClinton, TN
Tazwell Pike Animal ClinicCorryton, TN
Clinton Hwy Vet HospitalPowell, TN
Emory Animal HospitalPowell, TN
Powell Animal ClinicPowell, TN

Maynardville Animal ClinicMaynardville, TN
Union County Animal HospitalMaynardville, TN
Rutledge Animal ClinicRutledge, TN

Lakeway Animal HospitalJefferson City
Town and Country Animal HospitalNew Market, TN
Newport Animal ClinicNewport, TN
Animal WellnessWhite Pine, TN


Airport Animal ClinicAlcoa, TN
Animal WorksAlcoa, TN
Banfield the Pet Hospital - AlcoaAlcoa, TN
Countryside Veterinary ServiceLouisville, TN
Animal Health CenterMaryville, TN
Blount Vetinary ClinicMaryville, TN
Chilhowee Veterinary ClinicMaryville, TN
Fairview Animal HospitalMaryville, TN
Maryville Animal Hospital Maryville, TN
Mtn Hwy Veterinary Hospital Maryville, TN
Village Veterinary HospitalMaryville, TN

Ideal Veterinary HospitalOak Ridge, TN
Jackson Square Animal ClinicOak Ridge, TN
Karns Animal HospitalOak Ridge, TN
McArthur Animal ClinicOak Ridge, TN
Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital Oak Ridge, TN


Admiral Veterinary Hosital Farragut, TN
Banfield the Pet Hospital - Turkey CreekFarragut, TN
Concord VetFarragut, TN
Village Veterinary ClinicFarragut, TN
Animal Medical Clinic of Loudon Lenior City, TN
Lenoir City Animal Clinic
Lenoir City

Upper Cumberland Vet Clinic - CrossvilleCrossville, TN

Banfield the Pet Hospital - KingsportKingsport, TN
Indian Ridge Animal HospitalKingsport, TN
Harrogate Hospital for AnimalsHarrogate, TN


Mtn Home Veterinary HospitalSevierville, TN
Parkway Animal Hospital Sevierville, TN
Sevier County Animal ClinicSevierville, TN
Boyds Creek Animal Hospital Seymour, TN
Seymour Veterinary Clinic Seymour, TN
Smoky Mtn Animal ClinicSeymour, TN
Tri-County Veterinary Clinic Seymour, TN
Animal Clinic-DennisPigeon Forge

Indian Mountain Hospital for AnimalsJellico, TN
Appalachian Animal HospitalNewport, TN
Upper Cumberland Vet Clinic - WartburgWartburg, TN
Bell County (KY) Animal ClinicMiddlesboro, KY
Jonesborough Animal HospitalJonesborough, TN
Moyers Veterinary HospitalMorristown, TN
Moyers Veterinary Clinic - EastMorristown, TN
Ridgefield Animal HospitalMorristown, TN
Mountain Empire Small Animal HospitalJohnson City, TN
Jones Animal HospitalBristol, TN
Sycamore Shoals Animal HospitalElizabethton, TN
Young's Animal Hospital Johnson City, TN

White Pine Veterinary PracticeWhite Pine, TN