Just like the ER at the local hospital, our job is to SOLVE PROBLEMS, and treat a wide variety of emergencies… as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible… to reduce or eliminate suffering, and treat a wide variety of problems. We are well trained, experienced, and equipped to deal with any situation your dog or cat might find themselves in.

We will do our very best to treat your pet when ever possible, and to give you all the options (when there are some).

We understand, after doing this for years, that goals and priorities are different for each client. Please don’t think we are callous or negative when costs are discussed; in general, we are the most affordable after-hours option available in the area. We try to discuss any and all expenses prior to spending your money, to help avoid any confusion, misunderstanding, with the odds clearly stated as to what you can reasonably expect, based on our experience. We do care, however, we are not a ‘free clinic’ and some treatments options absolutely cost more than others; and sadly, no treatments come with a 100% guarantee.

We will always try to do our very best to ease or eliminate any suffering or illness your pet might have, within your budget. We do offer ‘CareCredit’ who is usually willing and able to help make some decisions a little easier for those people that don’t have funds readily available.

We will do our best to help you, as well as your human and animal family members!