About KPEC - Our Team, Staff, and Goals

OUR TEAM of Veterinarians (NOTE: pictures & info are PLACEHOLDERS right now)

Dr. David F. Davenport, DVM, MS, MS, CNS


Dr. CLine

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine


Dr. Jane Somebody

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine


Dr. Mike Moran

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine


Other Core Staff Working with KPEC

John Doe

Vet Tech

Senior Student of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Love animals, has 2 dogs, 3 cats, and hamsters.

Been a Vet Tech for 5 years, while attending the University.

Jane Doe

Vet Tech

With a degree in Animal Science, I'm a dedicated Veterinary Technician doing my best to help with the care of every pet that comes into my life, whether as a pet or paitent.

Margeret Johnson

Vet Tech

I've been a Vet Tech for 12 years. Love helping animals when ever possible.

Frank McAlister

Bookkeeping and Maintenance

After 26 years in the military, and having worked with race horses and cattle for most of my life, I help keep the generator and lights working, and whatever other maintenance stuff that needs done.

There are other staff, technicians, and personnel that work for and with us, but you'll most likely see one or more of these people when you visit the clinic.

About Us

The Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic is fully equipped to treat your emergency veterinary needs.

Located conveniently in downtown Knoxville, TN.
Located immediately off I-40 at Exit 387,  we are also an effective solution for those traveling one of the  busiest interstates in the country.

Fully staffed with a licensed veterinarian on site, in state of the art urgent care facilities.

Phone: 865-637-0114
Fax: 865-544-7981

Remember, we are an AFTER HOURS PET EMERGENCY CLINIC, specializing in DOGS & CATS, open every night after 7pm, all day on weekends and holidays.